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Newtown’s Trusted Electrical Contractors

Electrical work may not be rocket science, but it still calls for an expert in the industry. Call First Electrical has been servicing Newtown and surrounds for the past 20 years. We have experienced electrical contractors who work on domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. From new home builds to renovations, simple electrical upgrades, and complex fault finding or safety inspections; we’ll take on any project – big or small. We pride ourselves on our professional, honest, and affordable services. Give us a call to discuss our qualified electrical contractors in your area.

24-hour emergency electricians: ready when you need us


There’s rarely a good moment for your power to fail you, but even at the worst of times, it’s not worth fixing yourself. An electrical fault is no joke. It might look like a simple fix, you may even find a YouTube video to help explain the problem. But at the end of the day, you’re playing with sparks. The only sparks you should be dealing with are the kind you’ll find on a first date. Our emergency electricians are fully qualified, licensed, and insured. We have the necessary skills and equipment to deal with dangerous electrical situations.

Call First Electrical are also 24-hour electricians, which means there’s no excuse not to call an expert. From Newtown to BalmainSurry HillsDarlinghurst, and many other areas of Sydney; we’re here to save you from the dark. Our emergency electricians typically respond within 2 hours of the call and are available 24-hours, 7 days a week – ready whenever you need.

On-time, on budget and always available

Whether it’s an emergency electrical fault or your run of the mill setup work, you don’t want to wait for great service. We regularly work to deadlines and budgets in the commercial, residential and industrial fields. We understand that you want practical advice and realistic timeframes. We’ll never promise if we can’t deliver, and we’ll never underquote just to get the job. When you partner with Call First Electrical you can expect hassle-free, honest work. From our 24-hour emergency electricians to our qualified electrical contractors; there’s always a member of our team available for your work in Newtown.

Call our electricians

Experienced electricians are only a call away in Newtown. Get in touch for emergency assistance or to hire our electrical contractors for your next project. You can call us on 0415111122 for Sydney-wide electrical services, big or small.

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